Samara, Russia


Актерское искусство

Integrated Master's degree
Language: RussianStudies in Russian
Subject area: arts
Kind of studies: full-time studies, part-time studies
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Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode.
I think I love and reverence all arts equally, only putting my own just above the others; because in it I recognize the union and culmination of my own. To me it seems as if when God conceived the world, that was Poetry; He formed it, and that was Sculpture; He colored it, and that was Painting; He peopled it with living beings, and that was the grand, divine, eternal Drama.
Charlotte Cushman.
After acting for so many years, do you know who you are anymore? Because actors are liars basically, you lie about who you are to an audience.
Stephen Colbert to Viggo Mortensen, The Colbert Report September 18, 2014
The principal benefit acting has afforded me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis.
Marlon Brando: The Only Contender, Gary Carey (1985), Ch.13
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